Every marriage has conflict. 
YOU can turn it into Closeness!!!
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       Differences shouldn't divide us, they should enrich our lives.   The problem is that we don't get trained to deal with the relationship conflict, and as a result, we end up creating distance and unfortunately resentments. That isn't what marriage is supposed to be. Right!!!?
        Enough is enough! I want every couple who cares about their marriage to have their own copy of this book so we won't be handicapped by our differences anymore.
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Dr. John Gottman 
"Emil's book "You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness" addresses the most important problem that short circuits great communication, changing ones own character so we become better able to love. It's a must read for anyone who is dedicated to loving well."

1. "I think I got my mind blown right at the start. Learning about the principle Assuming Good Intent, totally changed how I interact with  my husband."

2. "I always blamed my wife for getting offended when I was being honest with my feelings. But then when I understood the principle of Communicating with the Outcome In Mind, now I know that there is a totally different way of approaching my wife and she responds totally different too."

3. "I hated conflict. My wife seemed to want to create it. Now that I know how to engage in it the right way, the conflict isn't so scary anymore. It actually helps us feel closer when we follow the process Emil outlines. And it actually makes sense!"
Emil's "out of the box" communication strategies have made him a frequent expert guest on TV and radio.
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