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Conflict is cancer in marriage. One little thing said wrong and you're in a fight. It gets worse when you try to fix it. Each unresolved issue turn into a resentment that drives you further and further apart. As the cycle continues, conflict eats at all that was awesome in your marriage. If you're tired of the endless cycle of conflict and want some real solutions, I've got great news! For a limited time I'm giving away my book - "You Can Turn conflict Into Closeness" so you can escape the relational hamster wheel of hell!
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What real people say...
Two decades of experience working with couples, Emil doesn't mess around with "fluffy feel-good" stuff. With his humorous irreverent and relatable style, he gets to the nuts and bolts that makes marriages work. 
1. "After learning about the principle Assuming Good Intent, it totally changed how I responded to my husband." S.A. - Kaysville, UT

2. "I always wondered why when I was just trying to be honest with my feelings that my wife would get defensive instead of trying to understand me. The principle of Communicating with the Outcome In Mind, gave me a template to complain without her getting defensive." T.J. - Farmington UT

4. "Now that I know how to engage in conflict the right way, conflict isn't so scary anymore. It actually helps us feel closer when we follow the process. We really talk about issues instead of avoiding them, and we can resolve them without a fight." 
 B.A. - Layton, UT

3. "You totally saved my life! I have listened to your book 25 times now. I still just can not understand why it works, but it does! Every time I listen to it, it baffles my mind. It's like scripture to me and I will master the art!" - C.F. - Layton UT
"Emil's book "You Can Turn Conflict Into Closeness" addresses the most important problem that short circuits great communication, changing ones own character so we become better able to love. It's a must read for anyone who is dedicated to loving well."
Dr. John Gottman 
(The worlds most recognized expert in marriage research and counseling.)
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